The system IERP integration and the available technologies as Laser, Plasma, Ossitaglio allow to realize cutting metalworks in different thickness materials, in great quantities thanks to a flexible production plan.

The Laser machine can cut thicknesses from 0,5 mm to 120 mm moving by metal sheets with a size up to 2000×4000 mm, whereas the Plasma or Ossitaglio machines can work with a size up to 2500×12000 mm.

Stilfer mainly uses construction steel S355 in different kinds of resilience, hardened and tempered steels S690QL1 and stainless steel up to 15 mm. Its main strength is the traceability of the raw materials, as the fundamental requirement of ISO9001 and ISO3834, entirely makes automatic in all its steps.


  • Laser CY FIBER 6KW can cut sheets from 2 to 15 mm thickness with the following features: axle X411, axle Y2050, axle Z150, load capacity 1600 kg, speed 150/50.000, power 6Kw.
  • PLASMA SATO-Hyperterm HPR260 working cut 2.500×12.000, thicknesses from 2 mm to 60 mm, high-definition cutting (in squadro) and excellent surface finish, nearly free from burr, air extraction plant. Automatic Nesting with dxf or dwg format drawings in completely integrated with a production software.
  • Oxy-cutting pantograph Cnc GRIESHEIM working cut 2.500×12.000, thicknesses from 8 mm to 150 mm, air extraction plant, automatic Nesting with dxf or dwg format drawings, automatic suspensions.
  • COSTA machine can clean and deburr materials until 100 mm thickness, 1100 mm width with air extraction plant.
  • Two automatic bandsaw machines 0°- 60° KASTO Ø maximum 290.

TAGLIO AL PLASMA – Campo di lavoro 2500×12000, spessore da 4 a 40mm