Hook carriage boom capacity 40 T.

Cover for telescopic cylinder equipped with protection unit

Hook carriage boom capacity 5 T. for telescopic machineries

Bucket 1000 lt. for zootechnical sector

Rotation unit for telescopic machinery man platform, complete assembly

Chassis for agricultural telescopic machinery: length 4000 – artifact weigth 1,5 T.

Chassis for agricultural telescopic machinery: length 4200 – artifact weigth 1,3 T.

Chassis for mining telescopic machinery: length 6500 – artifact weigth 6 T. – capacity 20 T.

Turret for telescopic rotating machinery: maximum reach 30 mt.-length 5200 – weigth 1,65 T.

Chassis telescopic handler length 4800 weigth 2,3 T.

Block cylinder fall protection system

Hook carriage boom lifting capacity 13-20 T. for construction machineries

Interface base chassis frontal lifter

Front for lifter 1,4-1,6 T.

Front for lifter 1,2 T.

Front for lifter 1 T.

Oscillating unit for balancing machine

Radial tyres clamp: application mining

Rotating chassis for telescopic handler

Container engine rotary machine

Bent and laser cut plate

Oscillating support bar agricultural machinery