We are able to perform press-bending operations for lengths up to 3000 mm with bending forces up to 320 tons.

The machines are assisted by means of bending angle monitoring tools that ensure the consistency of the required tolerances.

Using CAD/CAM software, the engineering department generates prototypes and material bending programs, later transferring them to the departments for series production.


  • Press brake bend machine CBC 320 tons., five axis, Cnc control NexT3.0 17” 2D/3D, light among struts 2600 mm, hollow 400 mm, working length 3 mt. bend maximum thickness 25 l=800 140 slot  
  • Press brake machine Probend 175 tons., six axis, working length 3100 mm., Cnc control NexT3.0 17” 2D/3D,  light among struts 2550 mm., hollow 500 mm., distance between the plates 535 mm.
  • Software offline IDEA BEND
  • Hydraulic hand press 400 tons. Max
  • Hydraulic hand press 150 tons. Max
  • Pressa piegatrice CBC a 5 assi da 320 ton. controllo numerico NexT 3.0 17″ 2D/3D grafico touch screen, luce fra montanti 2600 mm, incavo 40 mm, lunghezza utile 3 mt. piega max sp.25 l=800 con cava da 140
  • Pressa piegatrice Probend a 6 assi da 175 ton. lunghezza utile piegatura 3100 mm, distanza fra le spalle 2550 mm, incavo 500 mm, distanza fra le tavole 535 mm. Controllo numerico NexT 3.0 17″ 2D/3D grafico touch screen
  • Software di programmazione da ufficio IDEA BEND
  • Pressa idraulica 400 Ton max. manuale
  • Pressa idraulica 150 Ton max. manuale