Thanks to its highly qualified staff, STILFER is able to manage production with modularity and extreme scalability, so as to absorb production peaks without affecting product quality and delivery timeliness.

In contrast to the Italian economic situation, STILFER is expanding and has more than 120 employees to its credit while annual investments are about 8% of turnover.


Continuous technological innovation, linked to the technical know-how and experience of professionals in the field of medium and heavy metal carpentry for more than thirty years, make STILFER an outstanding partner capable of competing to the challenges of today’s market by guaranteeing high quality standards, flexibility and quick delivery with excellent technical support.

STILFER pays close attention to the raw material, choosing the best quality available on the market. All certificates of material composition are available and managed with special software to ensure complete traceability of every single component made.

The technical department supports the production departments and ensures the processes according to the industrialization of the product through state-of-the-art tools.

In collaboration with the customer, we study the optimal solution to make the product thanks to a relevant technical know-how in the field of carpentry.

For each specific department, we use specialized software to integrate the production flow; in addition, any specific equipment for the processing stages is studied and implemented by our in-house team.

Our specialized staff performs inspections of both incoming material and during the stages of the entire production chain, as well as final tests; an operator qualified to “Non Destructive Testing in the VT (Visual Examination) II Level” method according to EN ISO 9712 checks the conformity of the welds performed in STILFER.

2D and 3D measuring instruments subject to periodic calibration, strict sampling tests on the entire production and detailed control instructions allow maintaining a high level of quality and process control, ensuring a repeatable standard for each individual component/batch.

Specific instructions related to the inspection of welds and related defects ensure a high level of control, thus eliminating the production of nonconforming components.

STILFER can provide detailed inspection reports and/or ISIR (Initial Sample Inspection Report) upon request. We are UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 3834-2 and UNI ISO 45001 certified.


  • Planning
  • Trasformation
  • Machine tools
  • Presses
  • Manual and robotic welding
  • Finishing and assembly
  • Warehouse logistics
  • Quality control
Working centres
Welding robots
Personalized gears