Thanks to the highly qualified staff STILFER srl is able to manage with modularity and the greatest scalability the production, in order to manage peaks of manufacturing without influencing the products quality and the deliveries rapidity.

Despite the Italian economic situation, STILFER srl is expanding and has more than 50 employees, while the annual investments correspond to the 10-15% of the turnover.



The continuous technological innovation, connected to the technical know-how and to the experience of professionals in the medium-heavy carpentry industry for over 30 years: this is what makes STILFER srl an important partner able to compete with the current market’s challenges. Furthermore, Stilfer srl guarantees high-quality standards, flexibility, rapidity of deliveries and an excellent technical support.

Stilfer srl focuses on the raw material’s quality, choosing the best available in the market. All certificates of material’s composition are available and supervised with a specific software to provide the total traceability of each product.

The technical office supports the production departments, integrating the processes according to the industrialization of the product with avant-guarde tools.

We examine the best solution to realize the product in cooperation with the client thanks to a significant technical know-how in the carpentry field.

Specialized softwares integrate the production flows for each specific department; moreover, each specific gear for the processing phases is projected and made in our factory.

Qualified employees check both the incoming material and the whole production chain, as well as final tests.

2d and 3d measuring instruments subjected to periodic calibration, strict tests in samples on the entire production and detailed check instructions, are the principles that allow to keep a high-quality level and processing control, guaranteeing a standard which can be repeated for each piece/lot.

Specific instructions in welding’s check and their defectiveness, guarantee a high-level control, so removing the production of not in compliance components.

Stilfer srl is able to provide under request detailed check reports and/or ISIR (Initial Sample Inspection Report). We are certified UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 3834-2.


  • Planning
  • Trasformation
  • Machine tools
  • Presses
  • Manual and robotic welding
  • Finishing and assembly
  • Warehouse logistics
  • Quality control
Working centres
Welding robots
Personalized gears